Ideal course for complete beginners looking to offer services on all of the most popular permanent make up targets. Materials taught:

  • Anatomy of the skin, basics of dermatology
  • Contraindications
  • Theoretical basis and practical elements of permanent pigmentation
  • Color theory
  • Principles in shape design, pre-drawing
  • Equipment, pigments and other tools
  • Standards of hygiene
  • Soft powder methods, shading variations
  • Performing eyelash enhancement
  • Fundamental methods of lip shading
  • Practicing on latex
  • Fundamentals of photography
  • Communication skills and conflict management
  • Function, viewpoints and performance of touch-ups
  • Marketing, personal branding

All equipment – except for the tattoo machine – is provided.


The course consists of 1 preparatory module + 4 main modules, supplemented with an observational day. Moving forward to each module requires the successful completion of the preceding one. The educational units are separated by 4-5 week practice periods. The modules are as follows:

Preparatory module:

Following admission, 10 pairs of shaded eyebrows must be drawn taking into account viewpoints given in the details of application, and presented 3 weeks prior to the first module. When presenting, consultation with future teachers takes place and candidates receive instructions for further drawings. This is to create a basic understanding of symmetry and establish practice in drawing.


3-day unit to achieve profound understanding of the theoretical material and learn the basics of execution and essential movements by practicing on latex.

Day 1: theoretical basis, practicing on latex

Day 2: theoretical basis, practicing on latex

Day 3: demonstration of preparing and performing powder brows on live model, practicing on latex

4-week practice period: intense at-home practice of the first module’s material, the homeworks will be checked online and weekly consultation and correction regarding works in person is also possible.


1-day unit to establish confidence and a professional approach to encounter with guests and performing techniques on real life models. Besides gaining extensive knowledge in the design method and performance, communication, ideal circumstances for scribing, appropriate tool handling, and all other matters essential for high quality individual practice receive attention. The students create a total of 3 permanent powdery eyebrows.

5-week practice period: the healing period of performed works. Intense at-home practice of the first module’s material, the homeworks will be checked online and weekly consultation and correction regarding works in person is also possible.

+1 observational day (optional): on a previously established day, the students visits Essential Beauty Salon and its colleagues to gain insight on the real life working scenarios.


1-day unit to revise the principles and important view points of the touch up. Performing the touch ups on all 3 models independently with supervision.

1-week practice period


3-day unit to establish fundamentals in theory and practice of eyelash enhancement and full lip shading. Design and pre-drawing, execution, key to best results, choosing the appropriate color for skin types, jolly joker shades are all introduced. A total of 5 tattoos is performed on live models by students: 2 eyelash enhancements and 3 lip shadings.

Day 1: theoretical basis of eyelash enhancement, live demonstration on model, perfoming the 2 eyelash enhancements

Day 2: theoretical basis of lip shading, live demonstration on model, performing full lip shading on one live model

Day 3: performing full lip shading on two live models

+1 observational day (optional, within 6 months of finishing the program): on a previously established day, the students visits Essential Beauty Salon and its colleagues to gain insight on the real life working scenarios.


The whole course is going to be supervised and/or guided by master PMU artist, Dóra Hollós. This means that she will lead the teaching of the technical modules and the monitoring of the homework as well. Some parts of the course – such as the theoretical material – will be held by the contribution of other trained instructors.


Students completing the course receive a certificate. Premises are: attending all training dates, sufficient completion of all modules and preparing works fitting the previously established standards. Certificates are only registered if all home works are submitted by the due date and are sufficient in quality. We cannot guarantee to offer supplementary days after absences.


The Essential Training programs are unique in the industry because we focus on 3 core values based on Dora Hollos’ Moto.

“To make hyper-realistic results, with beautiful healed results, and no scarring”

Our clients will wear our work for years, and providing them this quality assurance is key.

What we give:

  • We prepare our students for offering premium quality
  • Because our teachers are professional practicing permanent make up artists with current and modern knowledge, guaranteeing excellence in learning
  • Because you can acquire the skills in a professional environment from the first hairstroke, using the highest quality equipment available
  • You can gain experience under professional supervision to make sure that you will be able to work independently and calmly with 100% safety
  • Our students receive outstandingly profound and precise training
  • We offer jobs to our most exceptional students
  • With the acquired knowledge and skills, you can apply to any of our advanced courses


In certain countries, like Hungary, a certification in beauty advisory or cosmetology is required to perform permanent make up. Therefore, for applicants residing and pursuing a carreer in Hungary, one of the aforementioned certifications is needed for admission. All applicants residing and working in a foreign country must consult their respective authorities for further information on conditions.

To apply 10 pairs of drawn, powder technique brows must be presented taking into account the following viewpoints:

  • 2:1 ratio – of the whole brow length, ⅔ is taken up by the part from the beginning point to the height point of the brow, from the height point to the ending point is ⅓
  • the beginning of the eyebrows is always lower than the end of the tail
  • shape is gradually narrowing from the beginning to the end 

Fulfillment of this task is obligatory for stepping further into the first module.

Important to note that students must find and bring models for themselves.


1.200.000 HUF

We can provide only VAT free invoices.

+  price of tattoo machine (optional): 300.000HUF

We can provide invoice including VAT.


Payments may be separated into 3 equal portions as follows:

I. 400.000 HUF to secure place on course

II. 400.000 HUF until the first day of the first module

III. 400.000 HUF before the start of the second module

Purchase of the machine: on the first day of the first module


Module I.: February 12-14. 2019 (10:00 – 18:00)

Module II.: March 18. 2019 (10:00 – 18:00)

Module III.: April 29. 2019 (10:00 – 18:00)

Module IV.: May 7-9. 2019 (10:00 – 18:00)


[email protected]


To secure your place, the first part of the course fee must be payed as deposit.

Please, if you would like to apply, send us the name and address that we can put on the invoice of your deposit.