Cutting-edge, phenomenal, sophisticated: this is what awaits you at our May Masterclass this year. For the first time in our Budapest history, you can not only learn Dóra Hollós’s freshest lady brows, but also dive into filling your creative cravings towards the other gender too. Permanent eyebrows are definitely not only for women in the 21st century, and men deserve the same professionalism – which now you will be able to offer. Tune in for Dóra’s most popular techniques, the hyperrealistic queen of eyebrows, ANGEL BROW with 4 universal hairpatterns, including DRAGON STYLE, followed by the POWDERFUL EYEBROW, fulfilling all requirements of ever-evolving eyebrow trends. And of course, the cherry on top: hyperrealistic MASCULINE brows – the last pavement stone in the definition answering to EVERY need. Learn all the modern approaches with us from hyperrealistic hairstrokes, through feather-light soft powders to masculine eyebrows, then TRY YOUR FAVOURITE NEW TECHNIQUE out on a live model with the help of Dora Hollós and the instructors of the Essential PMU Academy. Join us in the world of technique-specific color theory, revolutionary design methods and world-class product-knowledge, and all the secret twists and turns to your best healed result. Take part in our Feminine/Masculine Masterclass to be among the first artists to learn Dóra’s male brows and submerge yourself in our first practice-filled event of 2022! Save the date: 2022. May 20-22.

  • 2022. May 20-22.
  • 10:00-18:00
  • Angel Brow hyperrealistic hairstroke technique with the most plentiful presentation ever and newest approaches to technical details, with the 3 original hairpatterns
  • Angel Brow “Dragon Style” hairpattern, to broaden your choices and highten the variability of your skills and make your works more sophisticated
  • Masculine hyperrealistic hairstroke brows – it’s Dragon Style, but with all the right twists
  • Powderful Eyebrow, the queen of soft powder techniques
  • open practice day, creating your chosen technique on your own live model
  • variations on hairstroke effects
  • broad product knowledge
  • technique-specific color theory
  • one live presentation on a model with ALOPECIA
  • option to practice using ARTYST device and modules
  • presentation of your work: photography and photo editing, step-by-step guide

All there is to know of hyperrealistic hairstroke techniques! If you want a large peek into the knowledge leading to a layered understanding of how to achieve different healed hairstroke results – this day was made for you! Dive into hyperrealistics with never before seen depth on the first day of our May Masterclass and learn all the technical details leading to various healed results! Angel Brow and Dragon Style – the hyperrealistic queens!

10:00-13:00: Angel Brow theoretical presentation

  • 4 universal hairpatterns: the Angel Brow original 3 + Dragon Style
  • techniques and movements leading to new hairstroke effects
  • sharp, soft and powdery hairstrokes – execution and technical details
  • technique specific color theory
  • technique specific module selection
  • technique specific device selection
  • photography 101
  • photo editing step-by-step

13:00-14:00: lunch break

14:00-16:00: Angel Brow technique – demonstration on live model

16:00-18:00: Angel Brow technique – latex practice 

One-of-a-kind programme awaits you on the second day, as parttakers are the first PMU artists ever to encounter the Masculine “Dragon Style”, the perfect men’s hairstroke brows live. It’s the sophisticated Dragon Style with twists and turns at all the right spots, to create beautiful manly brows. From design to execution, you can learn all the tricks here! In the second part of the day, Powderful Eyebrows take the limelight and you can follow through the theoretical material, 5 shading variation, technique specific color theory and product knowledge, then, the unmissable live model presentation. Of course, to crown the day you can try all new learned techniques on latex. (Please note, that Dragon Style basics are not included in the day’s programme.)

10:00-11:00: Men’s Hyperrealistic Hairstroke Brows (Masculine Dragon Style)

11:00-13:00: Men’s Hyperrealistic Hairstroke Brows (Masculine Dragon Style) demonstration on LIVE MODEL

13:00-14:00: lunch break

14:00-15:00: Powderful Eyebrow theory

  • 5 shading variations
  • technique specific color theory
  • technique specific module selection
  • technique specific device selection
  • photography 101
  • editing step-by-step

15:00-16:30: Powderful Eyebrow demonstration on live model

16:30-18:00: Powderful Eyebrow – latex practice

On the last day you can bring your own model and try one of the freshly learned techniques with the help of Dora Hollós and the instructors of the Essential PMU Academy. An option is offered to execute your chosen style with equipment by ARTYST and pigments by Clinita – just like Dóra does.


All presentations are held and all live demonstrations are conducted by Dora Hollós. Practical elements are supported by the talented instructors of Budapest’s Essential PMU Academy.


Day 1:
2022. May 20. 10:00-18:00

Day 2:
2022. May 21. 10:00-18:00

Day 3:
2022. May 22.

Course fee:

1-day attendance:
180.000 HUF

2-day attendance:
280.000 HUF

3-day attendance:
350.000 HUF

Payment schedules:

1. installment to secure place
2. installment before course

Please include your billing details in your application! Any advance paid is not refundable.