• Artyst™ H1 Hand Piece

    425 000 Ft
    Est. € 1190
    The artyst™ H1 machine (handpiece) is the most precise, secure and silent permanent makeup machine you will find on the market. You will hardly feel it vibrating while creating your magic!
  • Artyst™ H2 Power Babe Hand Piece

    205 000 Ft
    Est. € 574
    • High-Power machine (not recommended for beginners)
    • Stroke length: 3.5 mm (as tattoo machines)
    • Instant color implantation + precision
    • Universal tattoo docking system - for artyst™ by CHEYENNE and CHEYENNE needles as well as most needle cartridges in the industry
    • Adjustable needle length (turn)
    • Optimized skin penetration for minimized trauma, great color retention and short healing period
    • Optimized color flow
    • Ergonomic, lightweight design for optimal comfort and minimum wrist joint fatigue
    • Low vibration gentle on wrist joints and can help reduce diseases as carpal tunnel


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