Curcuma (508) 7.5ml

Curcuma (508) 7.5ml

17 000 Ft
Est. € 53

Inorganic orange

V 5/6 T 2/3

For brows, cover

10ml (5 x 2ml)

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Suggested for: neutralize stubborn grey; charcoal grey or stubborn blue brows in medium to dark colored
brows; use directly in case gray and blue are dense and packed.
Mix with: use as a 50% additive to target color if the stubborn grey or blue is sheer in the skin and not as packed & dense; add to any mid range brow color to warm up; such as, 200 Warm Black or 204 Gianduia.
To be considered: not recommended as an additive to blondes or lighter brown shades because of the strength of this color.
Suggested also to warm tones with Microblading procedures.

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Weight .020 kg
Dimensions 15 × 4.5 × 9 cm