Essential Lux Device: Demographer Lux

Essential Lux Device: Demographer Lux

685 000 Ft
Est. € 2124

The device works with High-Performance cartridge needles and is supplied with an electronic “touch-screen” console for the adjustment of the bit-speed and the voltage. The software is supplied with a special setting performing the MICRONEEDLING treatment. For this device Clinita has designed two specific needles for Microneedling; one with “nano” technology.
The device is supplied with practical aluminum carrying case and control foot-pedal.


Pen-dermographer for PMU, Tricopigmentation and MICRONEEDLING. The hand-piece is recognized as one of the lightest and most stable in the industry.

Additional information

Weight 2.78 kg
Dimensions 42 × 34 × 13 cm