Artyst ™ H2 Power Babe


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High performance machine (not recommended for beginners)
Stroke length: 3.5 mm (as a tattoo machine)
Instant color implantation + accuracy
Universal tattoo docking system – for artist ™ by CHEYENNE and CHEYENNE needles and most needle cartridges in the industry
Adjustable needle length (rpm)
Optimized skin penetration for minimized trauma, high color retention and short recovery period
Optimized color flow
Ergonomic, lightweight design for optimal comfort and minimal wrist joint fatigue
Low vibration is gentle on the wrist joints and can help reduce conditions such as carpal tunnel

Compatible with Artyst Power Unit (***sold separately)

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Discover the revolution: PMU ergonomics meets the power of tattooing!

Minimal vibration combined with the highest tattoo power and cost-effective needle cartridges!

Our artists™ and CHEYENNE experts teamed up to create a super low-vibration yet powerful 3.5mm stroke ergonomic machine for artists who know how to handle a powerful tool and want to spend the least amount of money on needles. This daily runner is a fast and reliable tool you’ve been looking for. Its smooth but consistent engine with the highest safety and the highest precision, is capable of miracles in less time.

The PowerBabe is designed with a universal tattoo cartridge docking system, and designed to be compatible with most needles on the market, including the classic CHEYENNE tattoo needles. We also brought you the new artist ™ by CHEYENNE PMU needle cartridges. They are developed specifically to meet your needs and fit perfectly into other devices. What it means? More flexibility and less cost!

This new generation PMU machine not only offers maximum power and freedom in needle selection, but also maximum silence! Wait, what? Yes, you heard that right. The PowerBabe is one of the quietest machines on the market. You’ll barely feel it vibrating as you create your magic!

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