We believe that premium is basic, and a professional artist must live by this motto. In our experience, for students to study techniques as profoundly as required for premium results, it is highly important to focus on each area not only in great depth, but also extended in time. Dedicating enough time to practice certain methods permits both students and teachers to encounter all scenarios that may pose a question in the professional everydays. By letting these questions unfold, the possibility for well-thought solutions is given, thus our students can start their career with solid knowledge and true confidence. This is why our basic courses are held over many weeks in a number of modules, separated by practice periods: by gaining tremendous theoretical background and real life experience in performing permanent make up on today’s most popular facial parts, all students will leave Essential Academy with a professional attitude and ideal basis for learning other techniques.

Our course permits students to meet all kinds of problems that may arise performing permanent make up. Eliminating unexpected problems is the key for high quality works and safe usage. Our stable, slower pace program builds solid ground through introducing extensive theoretical material, precise equipment management and working with guests from rehearsing essential movements to communication. The programs, covering approximately 9-12 weeks with practice, provides everything required for 100% preparedness in the professional life.

Dóra Hollós’ brand new, unique PMU basic course offers 7 options to choose from, which were created to meet all previous and current enquirer’s demands. Check out each of the 7 basic course options to find the one that fits you the best!

Essential PMU basic course option 1.
Essential PMU basic course option 2.
Essential PMU basic course option 3.
Essential PMU basic course option 4.
Essential PMU basic course option 5.
Essential PMU basic course option 6.
Essential PMU basic course option 7.

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