Peeling treatment

Peeling treatments are customized facials to provide a solution to a wide variety of skin problems fast. Although recommended as cures consisting of 5-6 sessions in sequence, even a single treatment can conclude in significant results. The skin therapist, after precisely examining the skin type, chooses the treatment most suitable for each individual. The cure usually is commenced with a Level I. peeling, then higher levels are utilized gradually. To extend the effectiveness, our guests are provided with an aftercare treatment kit as a gift after each treatment.

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Signature Face Lift

Our revolutionary Signature Face Lift will change your skin’s appearance after only one session. High concentrations of vitamin C, Glycolic acid and effective enzymes speed up the cell renewal process evening out the skin’s texture so that you are left with softer, smoother skin. You will emerge with a natural glow feeling like the glamorous beauty that you are.

Ormedic Lift

This unique skin peel is the ideal natural treatment to bring to life and re-balance your skin using only organic, medically effective ingredients. This treatment delivers the perfect solution for irritated and/or sensitive skin and is ideal for expectant mothers. When your skin needs a little tender loving care try our natural Ormedic Lift.

Lightening Lift and Lightening Lift FORTE

This fabulous peel reverses sun damage and pigmentation caused by aging. It is also effective for calming the redness associated with rosacea. Lightening Lift significantly improves your complexion via the lactic and kojic acids while restoring youthful radiance to your skin. Reclaim your skin’s natural tone with this amazing Lightening Lift. Available in FORTE treatment type for enhanced peeling.

Wrinkle Lift and Lightening Lift FORTE

Unique plant-derived stem cell technology serves to reframe the skin’s cellular damage. The glycolic acid and retinol reduce fine lines, treat wrinkles and prevent the signs of aging. We recommend Wrinkle Lift for maturing, dehydrated skin although it is a bonus treatment for all skin types. It’s nature’s eraser for your skin! Available in FORTE treatment type for enhanced peeling.

Acne Lift

This particular lift uses alpha and beta hydroxy acids (AHA’s and BHA’s) to resurface the skin and effectively treat and heal acne scars. It carefully targets the skin’s troubled areas working to improve the overall texture. Our Acne Lift peel restores both your skin and your confidence.

Image Perfection Lift

Our exclusive blends of exfoliating agents are combined with compelling anti-oxidants, correcting peptides and plant-derived stem cells to create skin perfection. This treatment is recommended for advanced pigmentation, higher levels of acne or significantly aging skin.

Beta Lift

A treatment with strong BHA to quickly and effectively tackle expansive and advanced acne. Recommended for oily, severely acne-prone skin.


Level I. Peels
40 minutes – 31 600 Huf
Level II. Peels
40 minutes – 37 300 Huf
Level III. Peels
40 minutes – 32 500 Huf

All prices are in HUF and include VAT.

Indulging Facial Treatments

Facial cleansing can be requested to any facial treatment.

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Image Hydrating-cleansing Facial Treatment

The image hydrating-cleansing treatment gently lifts impurities, replenishes the skin and restores balance. The treatment works to fortify your skin’s natural defense mechanisms leaving you feeling clean and luminous. It is a deep purifying facial targeted for oily seborrhea skin (red, itchy rash with white scales); acne concerns and fragile, inflamed capillaries – although a thorough cleansing is recommended for all skin types.

Illuminating Facial Treatment

This overall, indulging treatment unites the newest and most innovative whitening technologies and treats all types of hyper-pigmentation. By the strength of new generation herbal components it gently purifies and peels all skin types and effectively pales all kinds of pigmentation spots. Tightens, hydrates and gives a healthier looking and glowing skin tone. We provide the aftercare treatment kit as a gift to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. It is possible to ask for additional facial cleansing.

The MAX Stem Cell Facial Treatment

The Max Stem Cell treatment is the perfect treatment for mature, tired-looking and aging skin. Not only for opening up new dimensions in the field of skin renewal but also making sure that our guests get the most complete experience of luxury hydration and anti-aging solution by using the most effective herbal stem cell system, peptides, AHA acids and new form of vitamin C. The cutting edge technology products by Image contain only natural substances which help reduce wrinkles and restore skin’s flexibility and its youthful, fresh appearance. With 2-week after care kit to enhance and prolong effectiveness.

O2 Lift Oxygenizing Facial Treatment

This excellent lift provides the skin with pure oxygen. Brings energy to the cells, and helps their regeneration ability. It improves the blood circulation, blanks and detoxifies. As a result of the treatment, the skin is renewed and perfectly radiant. With 2-week after care kit to enhance and prolong effectiveness.

Probiotic Cleansing Facial Treatment

Thorough cleansing treatment with probiotic properties to manage acne symptoms and problematic skin. With strong antibacterial peptides and salicylic acid it reverses and prevents acne and other imperfections, while calming the skin with a special anti-inflammatory herb blend. Ideal choice for perfecting oily, acne prone, problematic and combination skin. With 2-week after care kit to enhance and prolong effectiveness.

Transformational Friming Facial Treatment

Transformational treatment experience for the skin. With one-of-a-kind blend of rare pepper berry plant, jojoba beads and hyaluronic acid it promotes the stress resistance of the skin while treating already existing imperfection. The skin immediately feels smooth and plump and fine lines, tired and loose skin are erased easily. Quintessential in the routines of maturing or high-stress skins. With 2-week after care kit to enhance and prolong effectiveness.

Be Clear Cleansing Facial Treatment for Acne-prone Skin

The Be Clear treatment cleanses the skin with strong antibacterial peptides and reduces the appearance of all stages of acne with salicylic acid. Anti-inflammatory herbal properties soothe and calm the skin in order to prevent future acne. With 2-week after care kit to enhance and prolong effectiveness.

Antioxidant Anti-aging Facial Treatment

With stable, 3-ingredient Vitamin C blend and corrector peelers, this anti-aging facial radically facilitates skin renewal. Utilizing herbal stem cell technology and deep-hydrating active agents, it is a supreme solution for inflamed, dehydrated, pale skin. With 2-week after care kit to enhance and prolong effectiveness.

Biomolecular Masque Facial Treatment

Refreshing anti-aging treatment for radiant, clear, firm skin.

Signature Firming Neck and Décolletage Treatment

Exceptionally effective treatment to restore firmness in the skin. Prevents marks of aging with balancing enzyme technology, reduces pigmentation utilizing herbal stem cell complex and diminishes the look of existing wrinkles.

Cleansing Back Treatment

This treatment combines chemical and mechanical peeling to cleans the back and correct its skin’s imperfections. Erases inflamed elements with antibacterial salicylic acid and facilitates healing with balancing herbal properties, creating and environment ideal for achieving perfect skin.


Image Hydrating-cleansing
Facial Treatment
90 minutes – 17 800 Huf
Facial Treatment
50 minutes – 30 500 Huf
The MAX Stem Cell
Facial Treatment
50 minutes – 31 000 Huf
O2 Oxygenizing
Facial Treatment
50 minutes – 27 600 Huf
Probiotic Cleansing
Facial Treatment
50 minutes – 27 600 Huf
Transformational Firming
Facial Treatment
50 minutes – 27 600 Huf
Be Clear Cleansing
Facial Treatment
for Acne-prone Skin
50 minutes – 29 500 Huf
Antioxidant Anti-aging
Facial Treatment
50 minutes – 30 500 Huf
Biomolecular Masque
45 minutes – 15 500 Huf
Signature Firming Neck
and Décolletage Treatment
50 minutes – 27 600 Huf
Cleansing Back
50 minutes – 32 700 Huf
Facial Cleansing (extra)
+30 minutes – 5 500 Huf

All prices are in HUF and include VAT.