"Premium is basic"


Permanent makeup master, cosmetician master, aromatherapist, internationally recognized trainer.

Owner and leading therapist of Essential Beauty Salon/Budapest and Essential Beauty Salon/Balatonfüred.

Owner and lead instructor of Essential PMU Academy/Budapest and Essential PMU Academy/West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

Dóra has been involved in permanent makeup since the early 2010s, initially mastering and developing various eyebrow techniques, then perfecting PMU methods applied to other areas of the face, becoming her full passion.

With her professional, extensive practical, and educational experience, she and her team continuously meet the highest demands of guests and students.

She founded her first and current salon, Essential Beauty Salon, in 2013, which also opened its doors in Balatonfüred. Her work quickly attracted interest abroad, gaining international recognition in a short time. She has held masterclasses and lectures in various countries, including Vietnam, Brazil, South Africa, America, and most European countries.

She began teaching her special technique at her academy, establishing an educational center named Essential PMU Academy in Hungary and America. The success of these is well demonstrated by the numerous beginner and experienced permanent makeup professionals who enhance their knowledge at the various courses annually.

At Essential Beauty Salon, we apply the highest quality, most innovative techniques executed at an above-average artistic level, perfectly preserving the natural individual features of our guests.

One of Dóra's guiding principles is continuous improvement. Her uniquely developed special hyperrealistic hairstroke technique is rightly popular internationally, but the technique of natural-looking powdered eyebrow, lip, and eyelid pigmentation also attracts a wide range of guests.

Her main goal is to bring natural, aesthetic appearance and confidence into the lives of guests seeking beauty through services jointly provided in the salon by professional permanent makeup artists and cosmetic colleagues


Dóra Hollós

Founder, Lead therapist, Permanent make up master

Anita Márics

Cosmetician, Permanent makeup artist

Judit Fehér-László

Cosmetician, Permanent makeup artist

Georgina Nyári

Cosmetician, Permanent makeup artist

Mónika Brunáczky Kabódi

Cosmetician, Permanent makeup artist

Luca Berényi

Cosmetician, Permanent makeup artist

Anett Varga

Cosmetician, Permanent makeup artist

Anett Hajdú

Cosmetician, Permanent makeup artist

Évi Maduda


Bereniké Marosvári


Krisztina Kálmán-Tóth

Marketing specialist