Permanent laser hair removal

With Elysions’s medical diode laser, depilation will no longer be an issue. Permanent laser hair removal offers spectacular results in the shortest amount of time, permitting both ladies and gentlemen to have smoother everydays. Owing to Elysion’s professional designer team, this advanced, high-quality treatment provides maximal results in the lowest number of treatment occasions with minimized risk.

The follicles are treated through selective photothermolysis. With this method, follicles are selectively targeted and destroyed by great amounts of heat, without effecting the surrounding tissue. Due to such heat exposure, the ability for hair growth is inactivated for a long period of time. Integrated “crystal freeze” cooling technology and security system ensures patient comfort and harm prevention by a maintained 5 °C on the surface of the treatment head.

Permanent laser hair removal can be safely utilized all-year round for easily sustainable smoothness.